Dry Ice Cleaning | Reduce Equipment Damage

Dry Ice Cleaning | Reduce Equipment Damage

Dry ice cleaning for food and pharmaceutical applications: Successful removal of oven-baked residues, gelatinous substances and oils as well as unbaked fresh product mixtures. Effectively clears ovens, mixing equipment, conveyor belts, moldings, packaging equipment, oven racks, oven trays, containers, rollers, freezer walls, biscuit bars, etc.
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The company has passed ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certification,and has been recognized by many customers for its excellent quality.

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The company's products are self-developed, and the country has issued a patent certificate

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Manufacturers produce and sell, prices are transparent, no middlemen

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With many years of production experience, the equipment is of good quality, the drawings are produced quickly, and the production and delivery are fast.

Dry Ice Cleaner T6 Particle Type

Founded in 2003, Zhuhai Tongmi Technology Co., Ltd. is an industrial company integrating R&D and production of motor vehicle testing equipment and testing control management systems. Specializing in the production, sales and networking services of motor vehicle testing equipment, as well as the whole plant design and planning supporting supply of repair enterprises. Professional products include: automobile chassis dynamometer, automobile brake table, axle load table, side slip table, speedometer test table, suspension vibration table, angle meter, wheel deflection meter, computer four-wheel aligner, lift, Lighting detectors, exhaust gas analyzers and other vehicle testing equipment and automated measurement and control management networking systems, as well as vehicle maintenance equipment, car washing machines, etc. Products all over the country.
The company's existing production base covers an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, with a standard workshop of 6,000 square meters and an office building of 1,000 square meters. Electrical and electronic control production workshop. The company has specialized research and development institutions and high-quality professional and technical personnel, forming a strong overall research and development team, constantly tracking the technology of the international motor vehicle testing industry, and digesting and absorbing and developing patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights.
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Working Principle of Dry Ice Cleaner

In dry ice cleaning operations when the blasting medium dry ice particles in the high-pressure airflow accelerated, through the nozzle spray, impact to be cleaned surface. The unique feature of dry ice cleaning is that the dry ice particles in the impact of the instantaneous gasification. The momentum of dry ice disappears in the moment of impact. Dry ice particles and cleaning surface between the rapid heat exchange, resulting in solid CO2 (carbon dioxide) quickly sublimated into gas.

Applications of dry ice cleaners

Mold industry cleaning, petrochemical power, food and pharmaceutical industry, printing industry, automobile and ship industry, electronics and nuclear industry.

Dry ice cleaning benefits

Dry ice cleaning can reduce downtime; reduce equipment damage; extremely effective cleaning of high temperature equipment; reduce or reduce solvent use; improve worker safety; improve maintenance efficiency; reduce production downtime and reduce costs ,Increase productivity. 

Advantages of Dry Ice Cleaners

Dry ice cleaning machine is environmentally friendly, does not produce toxic gas, wide range of applications, can be used in a variety of industries, a variety of materials, cost-effective, can be directly online cleaning, no downtime, improve production capacity; fast cleaning, good results.

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What users say about Tongmi

The custom service experience for the lifts was great, the sales and engineers were very professional, thank you for everything.


The cleaning was great, very efficient and fast, a great buying experience.


I bought five dry ice cleaning machine, cleaning effect is good, full function, uniform ice, clean, simple and convenient to use, the quality is also good, is worth buying a good product.


I ordered a complete set of auto inspection station equipment, the sales attitude and expertise are great, will provide me with professional advice, also provide professional training after the installation is completed, very good buying experience.


Very professional provider! Always the first to answer questions and give me the most reasonable advice. I had problems with the installation process. Their video call helped me to solve the problems smoothly.


I purchased a tire changer from Tongmee in Zhuhai. I received the changer a few days ago, and I was very impressed with the company as Tongmi was always watching the shipping process of the changer to make sure it arrived safely.


The equipment is highly accurate, of good quality, and the after-sales service is in place and easy to use.


The four-wheel alignment instrument is very accurate, easy to operate, automated operation, beautiful appearance, and fast logistics.

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Dry ice cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning machine, cleaning system through high-pressure air will dry ice cleaning machine dry ice particles sprayed to the need to clean the work surface, the use of temperature differences in the physical reaction to make different substances in different contraction speed to produce detachment.

Similar to steel blasting, glass blasting, plastic blasting and soda blasting, dry ice blasting media dry ice particles are accelerated in a high pressure air stream and impact the surface to be cleaned.

Dry cleaning process does not damage the parts, good for environmental protection, prolong the service life of equipment, efficient cleaning and time saving, wide range of use, universal in many fields.

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